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As a 100% volunteer organization, the ability of the Wissahickon Fire Company to successfully provide emergency services relies on community members like you. Whether your interested in becoming a firefighter, engineer, or already posses non-firefighting skills that could aid us in our mission, we have a place for you! Our members hail from many diverse backgrounds, each with a unique story about how or why they sought to serve their community. Learn more below about the various roles that we need help filling!

Firefighter (Ages 18 & Up)

While there are many different roles within the Wissahickon Fire Company, all of which are vital to our mission, they exist to support the most fundamental part of the fire and rescue service–the Firefighter. As a firefighter, you will provide services directly to the community, engaging in fire suppression, vehicle  and technical rescues, hazardous material incidents, and many other types of emergencies. All training and equipment is provided at no cost to you; all you need is a desire to serve our community. 

Junior Firefighter (Ages 16-17)

With the supervision of senior firefighters, you will participate in a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency activities. You will train, respond to incidents, and engage in exterior firefighting operations when necessary. We know that this is a busy time in your life, but joining the Wissahickon Fire Company as a Junior Firefighter will not only enable you to smoothly transition to more advanced firefighting and rescue operations when eligible, but also qualify as community service if you plan on applying to colleges! Ask about our non-firefighting roles too! Our administrative staff are always looking for highly motivated individuals to assist us with running our day to day operations! Our Junior Firefighting Program is in compliance with the all regulation pertaining to the Pennsylvania Junior Emergency Service Program and requires our junior members to demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence by maintaining strict GPA requirements.

Non-Firefighting Roles

Although fire protection is the primary goal of the Wissahickon Fire Company, there are countless other jobs that are vital to our organization. As a 501(c) non-profit, our members are responsible for all of the “behind the scenes” work that is necessary of any formal organization or business. Whether its building and grounds maintenance, accounting and record keeping, or information technology support, we are always in need of qualified professionals looking for ways to support their community. If you have skills that you think could be helpful–or are even just looking to help out when able–the Wissahickon Fire Company has a job for you!

Fire Police (Ages 21+)

As a fire police officer, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of first responders while they operate at emergency incidents. When called upon, our Fire Police engage in traffic and crowd control, scene security, and are often asked to assist with major public events. Given that crashes and vehicle accidents account for nearly a quarter of all firefighter fatalities, the importance of our fire police officers cannot be understated. 

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For more information about joining the Wissahickon Fire Company, please fill out the form below and a representative will gladly answer any questions that you may have! If you would prefer to join us in person, stop by Station 7A any Monday night between 7-9pm for our weekly drill night! Check our event calendar for details!

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